Cloud RPO on disruptive technologies in HR at QFC Tech Talk

Qatar Financial Centre’s Tech Talk Series recently discussed the topic of ‘Disruptive Technologies in HR and Recruitment’ which featured Cloud RPO.

The Tech Talk Series consists of informative seminars where technology firms, experts and specialists, entrepreneurs and innovators share their ideas.

The event focussed on the ground-breaking changes that Cloud RPO`s disruptive technology will bring to the field of human resources.

Cloud RPO is an algorithm-based ecosystem that connects recruiters and employers around the world. The adoption of technology has transformed the talent recruitment process into a simple to use, efficient, human-free and cost-effective practice.

The platform of Cloud RPO enables employers to simply search or request talent from a global talent pool free of charge. It significantly decreases the time to hire and gives employers complete control over the cost and the process while empowering the recruiter with access to all global vacancies.

The model increases employer efficiency when dealing with recruiters, who still make the same fees but get access to employers they can currently not access. The platform of Cloud RPO simply charges a small percentage of the recruiter’s fee.

Please click on the link and reach out to learn more about Cloud RPO as well as Business Start Up Qatar.