Meeza contributes to the expansion of Mawared in Qatar

The Ministry of Transportation & Communications (MoTC) signed an agreement with Meeza to expand Mawared, the strategic e-Government program, recently.

Meeza, a Qatar Foundation joint venture, is an established end-to-end managed IT services provider based in Qatar with the intention to contribute to the digital transformation in the country and to be the leading solutions provider in the Middle East & North Africa. The services include data centres, software and hardware platforms, cloud services and cybersecurity.

Mawared is a unified electronic platform that integrates information systems and leverages technology in Human Capital Management (HCM). The platform is operated by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor & Social Affairs (MADLSA) and caters the different parts of the government in the country. It allows MADLSA to manage applications more easily and without the need for complex infrastructure. In addition, Mawared contributes to more efficiency, productivity and transparency.

The collaboration is another sign of the progress in the implementation of Qatar`s Digital Government Strategy, a key element of the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030). A number of key public services can be conveniently accessed online.

In addition, the agreement will introduce previously unavailable technology in the country. It will contribute to technology development and implementation and create new opportunities for the public and private sector.

Another established company with HCM products and services is Cloud RPO, an algorithm-based ecosystem that connects recruiters and employers around the world.

Please click on the link and reach out to learn more about Mawared, Cloud RPO and the opportunities in the State of Qatar as well as Business Start Up Qatar.