Qatar’s Attractive Investment Climate showcased

The benefits of Qatar`s free zones and the country’s attractive investment climate were recently showcased at a virtual event hosted by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall.

The State of Qatar offers a lot of incentives for organizations to develop their businesses and projects in the country. It includes without limitation or restriction the benefits from trade ties with many third countries, bilateral investment protection agreements, double tax agreements and free trade agreements as well as tax exemptions, exceptional services and modern facilities, in addition to the partnership opportunities with companies in the country to maximize production benefits under the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA). In addition, the right to property ownership and the most recent reforms in the labour laws were emphasized.

The investment platform of the QFZA – Doha Venture Capital (DVC) – plays a vital role in attracting small/medium sized enterprises in the most important sectors to the country (and particularly companies developing advanced technologies).

The alliances with countries including the United States of America are recognised as a key driver of development across sectors in terms of Covid-19 recovery, science and technology, economics, defense, safety and security, education, research and development, health, food security and sustainability.

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