Qatar and Turkey keep enhancing bilateral relations with trade and investment

The Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry (QCCI) and the Independent Industrialists & Businessmen Association (MUSIAD) from the Republic of Turkey met very recently to review the business ties between the two countries.

The meeting emphasized the investment opportunities and possibilities in Qatar and Turkey. Also, the delegations referred to the advancement and enhancement of the relations based on mutual understanding.

According to the QCCI, the trade exchange between the two countries increased by one hundred percent from QAR 3.3 billion (USD 900 million) to QAR 7.0 billion (USD 1.9 billion) in 2020.

The QCCI pointed out the incentives for foreign investors in a wide range of sectors including energy, industrial, distribution, information technology, natural resources, agriculture, healthcare, education, sports, culture and tourism in State of Qatar.

It was noted that many Turkish companies operate in joint ventures in the State of Qatar in sectors including trading, contracting, services and hospitality.

Conversely, Qatari investors have been introduced to large projects in the Republic of Turkey. These include the Istanbul Canal project and the industrial zones of the country. The country boasts a very strategic location with connectivity to a variety of markets and a strong industrial base as well as a young and urban population.

The two countries also discussed the field of agriculture and mores specifically the opportunity to establish a food product factory in the State of Qatar. The project would be jointly financed or funded and the products would be sold nationally and regionally.

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