QBIC opens registration for third wave of Lean Manufacturing Program

Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) has announced that the registration for the third wave of the Lean Manufacturing Program (LMP) is open a until 20/05/2021.

The LMP has been the first of its kind in Qatar and the third wave will be launched following the success of the first and second wave.

It has been designed for entrepreneurs with the interest to learn more about the best practices in manufacturing and to promote and support the emerging sector.

The six week journey trains the entrepreneurs in the most important aspects of setting up and operating a manufacturing facility.

The program is in line with the ‘lean methodology’ and begins with an introduction to the relevant rules and regulations in the State of Qatar, leads to the fundamentals of lean manufacturing including product design and development, customer validation, sales and marketing and eventually ends with the fundamentals of end-to-end supply chain management as well as factory design and machinery mapping.

The local entrepreneurs will develop their ideas with insights from national and international experts and specialists. The top-performing local entrepreneurs will present their businesses and projects to a committee for a chance to get an industrial facility, continuous training, office space and other development opportunities and possibilities at the end of the program.

It is the aim and intention to promote and support the local entrepreneurship and to contribute to the advancement of the manufacturing sector in the State of Qatar.

Please click on the link and reach out to learn more about QBIC as well as other initiatives of the most relevant stakeholders in the State of Qatar and Business Start Up Qatar.