QFTH announces second wave of incubation and acceleration programs

Qatar FinTech Hub (QFTH) has selected 22 start-ups and scale-ups to join the second wave of the incubation and acceleration programs.

QFTH has received over 500 applications from fintechs in different stages from more than 58 countries. The programs will be supported by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and the key stakeholders with the aim to grow the FinTech ecosystem in the State of Qatar.

The incubation and acceleration programs are the beginning of a journey towards shaping and reshaping the future of financial technology.

The initiatives of QFTH are considered as a contribution to a knowledge-based economy in the State of Qatar.

A number of pre-selected fintechs presented their ideas during virtual pitch days to a QFTH panel consisting of experts and specialists, partners and stakeholders.

These selected start-ups and scale-ups cover a number of technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine language (ML), blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), near field communication (NFC), natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR).

The eleven early-stage fintechs include Snoonu (Qatar) and Karty (Qatar), Nu Credits (United Kingdom), Bondsmart (United Kingdom) and Finstant (United Kingdom), Akillifon (Turkey), Cammillion (Singapore), CHANGE COM (Jordan), ePaysa (India), Digitalistic (Bangladesh) and Kwidex (Ghana).

The eleven later-stage fintechs inlcude Twyla Technology (Qatar), Elite Capital Revix (United Kingdom), Invest Suite (Belgium), Prive T (Hong Kong), Active.AI (Singapore), Finchat (Singapore), eBaoTech (China), SafexPay (India), FinChatBot (South Africa) and Cargon (Georgia).

The participants will be entitled to QAR 912.5 thousand (USD 250 thousand) in financial and non-financial support including advising, consulting, mentoring and training by QFTH, partners and stakeholders.

The programs concluding in June will be an essential guide for the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses nationally, regionally and internationally.

Upon completion, the participants will be referred to Qatar Central Bank’s “Sandbox” to take the next steps.

Please click on the link and reach out to learn more about the Qatar FinTech Hub and the policies of the Qatar Central Bank as well as Business Start Up Qatar.