QICDRC’s role in promoting Qatar as a hub for investment

The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC) has celebrated the 10th anniversary. It has achieved a specialist reputation as an international court, while also promoting and supporting the development of the country`s business and investment environment.

Since the establishment of the QICDRC in 2009, it has upheld international best practices and created a unique model for the resolution of international civil and commercial disputes in the country’s legal system. The Court’s judgments are now widely reported and referred to around the world.

In addition, the QICDRC has played an instrumental role in commercial and regulatory work, thereby attracting investment through the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). Over 1,000 firms registered under the QFC are currently serviced by the Court in line with the high regulatory standards.

Under the leadership of three former Lord Chief Justices of England and Wales – Lord Woolf, Lord Phillips and its current President, Lord Thomas, The Lords have been expertly supported by acclaimed judges from a variety of civil and common law jurisdictions.

The last ten years have seen many milestones for the Court.

In 2019, the Court became an Associate Member of the International Consortium for Court Excellence (ICCE) after the adoption of the International Framework for Court Excellence (IFCE).

In 2020, the QICDRC boasted an array of diversity with judges from Qatar, Kuwait, United States, England, Wales, Scotland, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Cyprus and India.

This year, a ‘Pro Bono Service’ has been launched to ensure the access to justice for individuals with limited or restricted financial means. It is particularly significant in light of the impact of Covid-19, allowing access to legal assistance for entities with unexpected disputes.

Another important step for the QICDRC was the launch of an eCourt case management system in February 2018 which offers a fully remote court proceeding cycle. The Court held its first fully remote hearing in 2020 – allowing witnesses, lawyers, judges and court staff from various countries to contribute to efficient and effective judicial proceedings.

Also recently the QICDRC established a mediation service provided by international and national mediators, which provides parties the opportunity or possibility to resolve their disputes amicably and without arbitration or litigation in a confidential manner.

The Court has also focused on the development of the judicial sector in the State of Qatar and has founded the Qatar Law Forum, an international event that connects key international legal figures.

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